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  • Some basic knowledge about drawing shaped seamless steel tube
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Cold drawn seamless steel tube is one of Anji County Peng Das large steel pipe Limited company's main provided main product. For now, we will make a simple introduction on some basic knowledge about Cold drawn seamless steel tube:

1) The definition of a drawing shaped seamless steel tube

Cold drawn seamless steel tube cross section profile non-circular, including wall thickness, wall thickness, along the length direction of variable diameter and variable wall thickness, section of symmetry and asymmetry etc..

2) Drawing shaped seamless steel pipe which special shape?

Such as square, rectangular, conical, trapezoidal, spiral, etc., special-shaped steel pipe can adapt to the use of special conditions, saving metal and improve the labor productivity of parts and manufacturing components.

3) The scope of application of cold drawn shaped seamless steel tube

Widely used in aerospace, automobile, shipbuilding, mining machinery, agricultural machinery, construction, textile and boiler manufacturing etc..

4) Cold drawn seamless steel tube production method

Production method of drawing shaped seamless steel tube drawing, welding, extrusion, hot rolling, cold drawing method which has been widely used.

5) Cold drawn seamless steel tube what specifications?

Cold drawn seamless steel tube shaped, square shaped tube, special-shaped pipe, rectangular spiral pipe, specification: 20*20mm-500mm, thickness 0.6mm-20mm, spiral steel pipe. The spiral steel pipe specifications, 219mm-2020mm, wall thickness 5mm-20mm. straight specifications are 4 points, 6 points, 1 inch, 1.2 inch, 1.5 inch, 2 inch, 2.5 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, 102, 108, 127, 133, 139, 159, 168, 177, 194, 219, 273, 325 and other specifications generally refers to the special pipe rectangular tube.


Through the five problems discussed in this paper, we can have a preliminary understanding of cold drawn seamless steel tube. If you have a demand for cold drawn seamless steel tube, you can contact us directly to Abji County Peng Da Steel Pipe Co. Ltd., Sincerely looking forward to your phone call!  

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