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  • Study on anti corrosion coating material for agricultural transmission shaft steel pipe
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Study on anti corrosion coating material for agricultural transmission shaft steel pipe

What is the purpose of the coating material used in the transmission shaft steel pipe? In fact, the role of coating material is very large. In order to prevent rust, the outer surface of the steel pipe is coated. Steel pipe surface rust will affect the actual performance and quality, and affect the appearance of the image, so the pipe coating process has great influence on the quality of steel products.

So, do we usually on the agricultural transmission shaft steel coating material place the same or not the same requirements?

According to the provisions of the American Petroleum Association, the steel pipe needs to be within three months without rust, so the corrosion of steel pipe after coating needs to meet the requirements of this standard.

However, now the user of steel pipe rust time requirement is more and more high. A lot of users mist meet the requirements of 3-6 months of field stacking. Results of the effect of steel pipe not rusting improves the users steel pipe rust time requirements. In addition to rust time requirements, they let the coating appearance quality have certain requirements. Mainly reflected in the pipe coating after surface finish, preservative distribution in the surface of pipes, no drop leak painting, hanging effect and appearance quality of the phenomenon.

The role and requirements of the coating material of the agricultural transmission shaft steel pipe. If you want to know more about the content of the agricultural transmission shaft steel pipe, including its types and advantages and disadvantages, we can directly contact our Anji County Peng Steel Pipe Co., ltd.. Sincerely look forward to your call!

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