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  • What are the nitriding methods of seamless steel tubes?
  • Author:Anji County PengDa Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd.Date:2016-08-12 10:02 Click:

Seamless steel tubes for nitriding treatment can be achieved in three ways, these three methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, AnJi Peng Da Steel Pipe Co. Ltd. suggest that you can choose suitable method according to the nitriding of steel pipe production materials and technical requirements.

1) Nitriding process; has a surface hardness of about HV1000~1200 high, small deformation, low brittleness, simple process, convenient to process, but a long cycle, high cost and shallow layer used for seamless steel tube, J scale, shallow nitrided layer hardness, high precision;

2) Nitriding process; compared with a section of nitriding, the surface hardness is slightly (HV850~1000), the deformation slightly increased, but the penetration rate is fast, and it is widely used in the large quantity of seamless steel pipe in the nitriding layer;

3) Nitriding process; has a rapid infiltration rate, but the hardness, brittleness, deformation and so on are less than that of isothermal nitriding.

Through the above advantages and disadvantages of Large Steel Pipe Co. Ltd. in Anji Peng Da nitriding method introduced everyone should understand the three methods of it, so we should choose the suitable method of nitriding treatment according to the technical requirements of seamless steel tube production and material.

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